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I’m a Chord Cutter Now What? Part 2

Some people kiss dating goodbye, other chocolate, me..cable. Awhile back I did the unthinkable in todays culture and society; I cut the chord. Yes indeed…Comcast (for the most part) was kissed goodbye. I thought I would be remiss to go through the process and the reasoning of it and not follow-up at a later date to share how it has ultimately turned out.
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I’m A Chord Cutter. Now What?


So it begins this coming Monday. Last night I called Comcast and cut everything except the local 4 channels and PBS just in case. I can no longer justify paying the price that I pay for television content. Come Monday I will be one of the chord cutters. Want to  hear more on how and why and what I will do to augment my media experience…well read on! Read the rest of this entry »