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Tweet Lanes for Android Review (Updated)

On either iOS or Android there certainly is no shortage of Twitter apps. Some have specific purposes or excel at one feature or another and all are functional, usually. Android though it seems is quickly becoming the best place to experience Twitter. Since they released their Development Standards for apps times have changed on Android. It used to be that the apps were poorly done ports of iOS or were just plain ugly to begin with. Tweet Lanes is neither one of those. Let’s check it out..

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Ntelos – State of the Company

It’s been awhile since I wrote about tech but that time has come to pass, I have a grievance.

We switched to Ntelos about a year ago and for the most part life has passed along as usual. Recently, however, my wife’s phone has been giving her issues. I’ve been able to fix it off and on and get rid of the error messages and allow her to still use the thing but it’s coming to a stop-gap soon. Here is the dilemma of a rural carrier…options, let me explain.

We switched for a few reasons from Sprint, mostly because her phone was crapping out and she needed a new one and the fact that they are about 4 gallons of milk cheaper per month than Sprint (while using the same network) so there was minimal interruption. We got new phones and went on our way. About a year later though her phone is having issues like horrible speaker quality, inability to actually use apps (memory), limited software updates, etc. That in and of itself isn’t really a new issue as with any technology eventually they get full/used/worn out and must be replaced.

The problem is that 1 year later the phone options are actually the exact same as they were a year ago, our carrier has only added one new phone option in 1 year and that is just ridiculous. Granted the one phone that they brought on is the iPhone 4/4S and it’s a great option but what do you do when you want a new phone but don’t want to be forced to get an iPhone. Here is the state of affairs for Ntelos’ phone lineup:

iPhone 4 – released June 2010 / February 2011
iPhone 4S – released October 14, 2011
Blackberry Bold 9930 – released August, 2011
Blackberry Curve 9350 – released October 2011
Blackberry Curve 9930 – released August 2011
Blackberry Bold 9650 – released May 2010
Samsung Repp – released November 2011
Samsung Admire – released August 2011
Samsung Showcase – released December 2010
Htc Merge – released May/June 2011
Sony Experia Play – released May 2011
Motorola Milestone Plus – released November 2010

Wow just wow! Look at that. All of those Android phones are using software that is 2 to 3 years old and mildly unsecure on web standards and a failing Blackberry stable. The only thing missing from last year is a Windows Phone and a HTC unibody phone the Desire. This is disheartening for these reasons:

  1. Web/App standards require new software for continued support and you’re limited on all devices above except for iPhone
  2. Blackberry is dying and the bulk of their lineup is looking to continue a platform without much support
  3. All phones except for maybe the Showcase are low-end phones (these phones have their place) and that’s sad when arguably your 2nd best phone is almost 2 years old

You shouldn’t be relegated to have to get an iPhone to get continued support from the manufacturer. Ntelos is part of the Associated Carrier Group for the exact reasons of being able to band together to get better support and phones for customers, apparently to no avail. The other concern is that back in August Ntelos alluded to the fact that they are considering a shift to LTE, which really is the only way to stay relevant as the market is going there, but none of the phones above have a chance to work on that frequency or speed.

When it comes down to it they need to focus on upgrading their Android lineup (largest market share in world), continue to support a few mid range devices (not the bulk that they do now), stay in the game with iPhone, and possibly add a few Windows Phone devices as they are up and coming and it would be unwise to avoid them and continue to support Blackberry (currently in a tailspin).

Technology in the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is huge. I’m gonna give you a few lines to think about that….seriously.…

It’s everywhere, like a preposition and the object of the preposition all in one. I gave some thought to technology in the Church today thanks to one of the Pastors at my church (thanks Dale). Honestly I hadn’t given it much thought at all until today but it definitely bears some; let’s discuss. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a Chord Cutter Now What? Part 2

Some people kiss dating goodbye, other chocolate, me..cable. Awhile back I did the unthinkable in todays culture and society; I cut the chord. Yes indeed…Comcast (for the most part) was kissed goodbye. I thought I would be remiss to go through the process and the reasoning of it and not follow-up at a later date to share how it has ultimately turned out.
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Frivalous Lawsuits and Precedent

 Or….maybe you shouldn’t!

I usually write about Religion or Sports…this will be technology based and a rant at that. It’s out of my normal but something that I wanted to say…feel free to read on if you like.

There is a man by the name of Noah Kravitz who used to be employed by the website/tech blog: Phonedog. I used to love that site but I think that I can no longer partake of their news. When I began a job years ago in the cell phone industry I found Read the rest of this entry »

The Superbowl I Have Always Wanted

Stories broke today that NBC announced plans to let everyone stream (live) the Superbowl as well as have it broadcast live to Verizon mobile devices! This is huge!

Think back five years ago and you wouldn’t have imagined that this would be the case. Mobile and web has always been seen as an also-ran and never really been given massive thought. This is a big shift.

This is the most popular, and watched show in the United States. I hope that it goes very well and that maybe the Networks will realize that they can make money this way as well and in turn give people like myself the ability to stream every game. I’m happy to pay for it. Shoot I’ll even pay per game provided the $$ is right.

A step in the right direction for football fans!

I’m A Chord Cutter. Now What?


So it begins this coming Monday. Last night I called Comcast and cut everything except the local 4 channels and PBS just in case. I can no longer justify paying the price that I pay for television content. Come Monday I will be one of the chord cutters. Want to  hear more on how and why and what I will do to augment my media experience…well read on! Read the rest of this entry »

Just How Does Steve Jobs Affect You?

Whether or not you like technology or Apple there is little debate about the man who died last yesterday, Steve Jobs, has affected most aspects of your life. Lets look at some of the more important ones.

Click Here! ….. See what you just did. Steve Jobs made that a house-hold option for you. He didn’t invent the mouse but he brought it to the mainstream with his Lisa computer. Changing the way that we have interacted with computer systems since. (Yes I know that he stole the software ideas from Xerox, but they really didn’t seem to know what to do with it)

Speaking of mainstream. Before Steve computers took up entire rooms and consumed massive amounts of power. He (and Gates) figured out how to make it consumer friendly.

He also, through his influence, changed web standards as well as format standards. If he didn’t include floppy drives on his Macs they soon went the way of the Dodo. Same is said for USB, HTML5, and soon to be Thunderbolt.

I won’t mention iTunes, iPhone, iPod; we all know how much that has changed the world times over.

His iPad is a ubiquitous name much like Kleenex. When you go to the store to buy a tablet it’s the name you think of for association with the product.

Away from “computers” he also built the companies that have created classics we all love to watch. Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Cars, Finding Nemo…etc. Pixar is a staple in my household of late as my 2-year-old is loving Toy Story.

Ultimately he has changed the way we consume media. From purchase to play he found a way to alter the chain.

His legacy is tremendous.

The iPhone 4S…meh! A Quick Review

Haven’t done a technology post here in awhile and couldn’t really find a better reason to write one other than Apples launch of a new iPhone.

You’re probably asking yourself, “self, doesn’t he usually do spiritual posts?”? Why yes I do! Ask my wife though and she will tell you that my guilty pleasure is technology…I love it and it drives her crazy till something breaks and I’m the one that knows how to fix it. But back to the point.

Unless you have been living under a rock or have no attachments to the consumer world (possible but not probable) you have undoubtely heard that Apple unveiled it’s newest iPhone yesterday. They call it the iPhone 4S and to call Read the rest of this entry »

The Way-back Machine

Every day I feel older. As I meet more and more college students I realize that I am quickly distancing myself from them in world knowledge and cultural knowledge. This isn’t a bad thing it just….is.

I met someone the other day that had no clue what it meant for the computer to be “on the fritz”. He knew that he could use it in conversation but not it’s origin. When I grew up I was the channel changer in my household. We had a big old Zenith television with a turn style know, two actually. One knob adjusted the channels in a pale orange hue; the other know adjusted UHF and VHF distinctions. Again those same new college students will have no clue what those acronyms mean either. I can still bask in the glory of the day when my little brother was graduated to channel changer and I didn’t have to get up to mess with the rabbit ears or switch around one of the 4.3 channels that we had.

How about you? What’s the biggest thing that strikes you in a similar situation? A athlete that no one has ever heard of? Music? Literature.

Sound off!