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Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s Tim Tebow

This cycle of sports this last 12 months has been a roller coaster. Massive deals, huge contracts, underdog stories and unexpected heroes.

Now that the NFL season is over people will soon forget parts of the season but will not, more than likely, forget

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The Superbowl I Have Always Wanted

Stories broke today that NBC announced plans to let everyone stream (live) the Superbowl as well as have it broadcast live to Verizon mobile devices! This is huge!

Think back five years ago and you wouldn’t have imagined that this would be the case. Mobile and web has always been seen as an also-ran and never really been given massive thought. This is a big shift.

This is the most popular, and watched show in the United States. I hope that it goes very well and that maybe the Networks will realize that they can make money this way as well and in turn give people like myself the ability to stream every game. I’m happy to pay for it. Shoot I’ll even pay per game provided the $$ is right.

A step in the right direction for football fans!