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We are Eternal (that’s huge)

This morning as I was checking the news on Flipboard the first two stories I read (saw) were exact opposites and it was, I don’t know the word, but I’ll try to express it here.

The first story that I saw was of a child lost to their family extremely early in life. The abruptness when it happened a few months ago hurt me to read and learn of and when I was reminded of it today the same feelings of loss and grief and frustration at our broken world were reignited. I can only pray for my friends in their loss and know that God is good but that doesn’t make it any less infuriating. It reminded me that we are all born broken in one way or another and that we are destined for a date with death and can’t stop it, none of us.
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My House is on Fire…save me for free!

I’m certain that you have heard of the Declaration of Indepenence; even if you aren’t from the States you are familiar with the concept, I’m absolutely certain. Did you know that the ancients have been mistranslated? It was really meant to say this:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and the protection from Fire to our homes.

If you just glazed through that because you thought you were familiar with it then you need to read it again. Go on… I’ll wait…[hold music here]. See what happened at the end there? Don’t remember that in grade school do you?

Yesterday I read a story detailing (for the second time) a county in Tennessee that does their Public Services a bit different. Give it a read it really is a good one, but it essentially boils down to this. If you live in this county and don’t pay for some public services per anum you don’t get the benefits from it. It has also happened about a year ago as well, that story here.

I’m a bit torn from this type of story. On one hand you have the loss of property, memories, wealth; on the other you have procastination, entitlement, cautionless culture. I truly feel moved by the family that lost their home, it is a tragedy. If I was in the same situation I would find $75/year to cover me in the event of a fire for the same reason that I have home insurance. If I was on the county board I would more than likely make it part of county property taxes…what are you looking at really, about $6.25/month?

What are you thoughts. Should we be able to receive benefits from something we don’t deserve or haven’t earned. Does a firefighter have a duty to put his life on the line for someone that doesn’t seem to think that paying him for their service (so that throughout the year they can support their families)? Would it be right to over-extend to fight a fire not in their service area while the tax paying people that bought the mulit-million dollar machinery and equipment foot the bill? What if equipment is damaged, what is a firefighter loses their life? Would normal death benefits apply or no…? Lots of questions to answer.

Perhaps a volunteer department should be raised?

Thoughts welcome!