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Kids Understand We Don’t: Generosity

What is it about the innocence of children that makes the petty things that adults argue about seem insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

Here is the back story involved, it involves my son but this post is not intended to be a brag on my son but instead to brag on how children are as a whole. My son goes to a daycare and there are obviously many children there. Yesterday there was one that was without lunch. Her father had forgotten it in the rush, that we as parents know to well, to get everything together in time to get her dropped off and get himself to work. I’m not sure when it was realized that she didn’t have anything to eat but around lunch time is my understanding. They all sit and eat together as a community at our daycare and my son (without being asked) offered his food to her.

This blows my mind! Not that he would do that (well actually yes..that is it in part as he can get pretty selfish as we all can) but the fact that he saw a need and filled it. Too often in the world that we live in we act out of necessity instead of out of generosity. Let me try to put it into perspective by asking a few questions:

Do you offer to pray at church? Do you donate to the Salvation Army year-long? Do you really think about the starving children in Africa between the infomercials? Do you really give of yourself as often as Christ did?

I know I don’t and that’s sad. My wife told me that story and I thought of it all night. I truly learn so much from my son. Children have an untainted and un-jaded way of thinking and it blows my mind.

My sons frame of mind brings Luke 3:11 to mind

And he answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with them who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.”

I have never taught my son to do this yet he knows it’s what’s required and the way it should be. We as adults would be mindful to follow by our children’s example. What would the world look like (especially around the holidays and in todays economic climate) if we gave more abundantly and acted less selfishly?


From my Son,


Come here…

[grabs me with his hands and says:]

At least you’re not a dinosaur!


Gotta love 2 year olds.


Happiness! There’s Grace!

So my 2 year old was running around the house this morning singing the Chorus to this song. Praise God….

Here it is enjoy!!

Alright Already! I Hear You

I recently figured out how to get Podcasts onto my Android phone! Why recently, you ask? Haven’t you had one of those for years? What are you confused about? Well let me enlighten you…There. Is. No. Easy. Way. To. Do. This. LOOKING AT YOU HERE GOOGLE! Then I found a nice little app called Pocketcast and it allows me to sync podcasts from the web (maybe iTunes) and I instantly started syncing and listen to them now on my way to and from work. One of the ‘casts’ I chose was Brentwood Church in Lynchburg. I used to go to this church in college and directly after and loved it. In fact if you’re in the neighborhood of Lynchburg, VA and need one highly recommend it, try the veal.

The messages at this church are always hard, in your face, mirror reflecting, and open. They are not always nice and tidy and make you Read the rest of this entry »

Brunt of the Pain

I’m not a huge fan of brushing my teeth and I don’t know many people that would line up to do it. I do it because I must, because if not I will look h0rrible and will be unable to eat. I will say this: I LOVE TO EAT! My son it seems is not exception..he is not a big fan of brushing his teeth. He fights it vehemently. Last night he was fighting against me to brush his teeth and rolled off the couch and slammed his arm into the coffee table.  He jumped up screaming and holding his arm and ran to his mother. That is not the problem though, we have all been hurt and we all run to a safe place.

The problem here is he was blaming his hurt on me. “Daddy hurt me..daddy Read the rest of this entry »

Μαθαίνοντας την πίστη σαν ένα παιδί (FAITH)

Every Sunday that I am involved with worship music at my church I have to show up about an hour and a half early (downsides of volunteers in church)?  This is not something that I am belligerent about though, I actually rather enjoy the opportunity. Some churches make it hard to be involved in it’s music team afraid to try new things or grow in different styles or directions but not my current one! At those churches it feels less about wanting to glorify the Lord and more “it needs to sound perfect” but that’s a topic for another day. As I warmed up with the band this morning I had to bring my son, Levi, with me. He had to basically hang out and watch.

Firstly let me say this, my son is 2 years old. Surely you know someone Read the rest of this entry »