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I Am the 4%, Let’s Occupy the Church

Hello again folks! It’s time for another gut wrencher (or my attempt at it).

In my church we are currently doing a study together as a church. In every service both old and young as well as Bible Study (Sunday School) everyone is studying the same thing and applying it as a collective congregation. I think this is great and something that hopefully continues!

This past week during worship though my Pastor said something that has eaten at me since he said it. The part of the study that we were doing is “Is the church still relevant [in today’s culture]”. I think it is but obviously I’m biased as I attend church. The stat that David through out was crazy though. Between young adults (18-28) only 4% are participants in church. This. Is. Crazy.

It’s also unacceptable. I don’t know if it speaks to the perception of Christians that are my age or the culture that we live in. I personally think that the church is extremely releveant in todays day and age. But if the youth of this nation can’t get their stuff straight it’s going to be a sad future.

What are your thoughts?


The Way-back Machine

Every day I feel older. As I meet more and more college students I realize that I am quickly distancing myself from them in world knowledge and cultural knowledge. This isn’t a bad thing it just….is.

I met someone the other day that had no clue what it meant for the computer to be “on the fritz”. He knew that he could use it in conversation but not it’s origin. When I grew up I was the channel changer in my household. We had a big old Zenith television with a turn style know, two actually. One knob adjusted the channels in a pale orange hue; the other know adjusted UHF and VHF distinctions. Again those same new college students will have no clue what those acronyms mean either. I can still bask in the glory of the day when my little brother was graduated to channel changer and I didn’t have to get up to mess with the rabbit ears or switch around one of the 4.3 channels that we had.

How about you? What’s the biggest thing that strikes you in a similar situation? A athlete that no one has ever heard of? Music? Literature.

Sound off!