Tweet Lanes for Android Review (Updated)

by Mrsethprice

On either iOS or Android there certainly is no shortage of Twitter apps. Some have specific purposes or excel at one feature or another and all are functional, usually. Android though it seems is quickly becoming the best place to experience Twitter. Since they released their Development Standards for apps times have changed on Android. It used to be that the apps were poorly done ports of iOS or were just plain ugly to begin with. Tweet Lanes is neither one of those. Let’s check it out..

If you are one of the 10.9% of people with an Android phone running any variant of Ice Cream Sandwich you’ll be able to try Tweet Lanes, if not…well.. I am sorry.

Tweet Lanes is the creation of Chris M Lacy and he, it seems single-handedly, is developing my go to Twitter client on my phone. It was released barely over a week ago and has many features that leave me wondering why other developers didn’t get their first. It’s main navigation works similar to how native Google Apps work in that a swipe left or right navigates you through the different sections of the app.

The app is different in one huge way for me from my regular go to option of Tweakdeck by Modaco. There is an ever-present, ever-changing reply to bar at the bottom and depending on what you do in the app it automatically adjusts to the situation. In addition to that you have the ability to click on multiple tweets and reply to them all at the same time (sweetness). The app though overall is intuitive and very slick. There are a few core features missing like the reordering of the “lanes”, settings (think refresh time limits and whatnot), trending topics (though support for lists are there).

The stuff that is there though is just as robust: conversation mode, intuitive tweetbar, timeline remembering when reentering the app, and amazing developer support. One other thing to consider is that the app itself is currently in beta and the developer is letting those that tried it first keep it free for forever with a “free for life” feature! I’d recommend keeping this one installed just to reap the benefits.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons though with this app and the developer is great about crowdsourcing new features and updating the app regularly (like 4 times in a week).

Update: as of today the developer has pushed out a huge update including themes and settings ans other huge fixes. Give it a go.

You can view screenshots from the app below.

App found via Tweet Lanes