A Word of Encouragement

by Mrsethprice

It’s a tough job sometimes to be a Christian in the world today, though admittedly we have it the best in America. Here we have less persecution and less upheaval overall than our brothers and sisters in Christ in other nations. Still though sometimes here still we can feel beaten down daily/weekly.

It’s so hard to try to be “Christian” all the time and constantly having people want to beat you down at the slightest stumble. I believe that it stems from the lack of understanding or the misinterpretation by unbelievers that all Christians apparently have it all together and

have no more sin; on the flip side I also blame the Gospel of Prosperity that pastors like Joel Osteen preach. A Christian life where everything is roses is not what is promised from the Gospel. Freedom is promised, salvation, love among many other things are promised but not what they preach.

Let us not forget however that this is not the end. We will soon open our eyes in the glory of the Lord. We will be consumed in eternal love and grace. We are set free from the bondage of sin; set free from ourselves really. This world is the closest to Hell as we will ever get. Take courage in the God that can wrap his hand around the Universes and live in the security that nothing can snatch us from Grace.