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Month: June, 2012

A Word of Encouragement

It’s a tough job sometimes to be a Christian in the world today, though admittedly we have it the best in America. Here we have less persecution and less upheaval overall than our brothers and sisters in Christ in other nations. Still though sometimes here still we can feel beaten down daily/weekly.

It’s so hard to try to be “Christian” all the time and constantly having people want to beat you down at the slightest stumble. I believe that it stems from the lack of understanding or the misinterpretation by unbelievers that all Christians apparently have it all together and
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Instruments only Words Not Allowed or the Stories of Chick-fil-A

We will host Spirit Night and give part of the proceeds to the local church.

We will unabashedly say we are a Christian company.

We will not open on Sunday’s.

We will say, “My Pleasure!”

We will edit our message.


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