Technology in the Kingdom of God

by Mrsethprice

The Kingdom of God is huge. I’m gonna give you a few lines to think about that….seriously.…

It’s everywhere, like a preposition and the object of the preposition all in one. I gave some thought to technology in the Church today thanks to one of the Pastors at my church (thanks Dale). Honestly I hadn’t given it much thought at all until today but it definitely bears some; let’s discuss.

Be honest with yourself and admit that the world that you live in today is different from the world you remember 10 years ago. Life always changes, it’s inevitable, but the cycle at which it does is rapidly increasing. Advancements in construction, invention, and nano-engineering are drastically changing the way the world works. From the way you buy an airline ticket, the metro rail that gets you there, tracking on your bags, and yes…that nice little offline Bible you have right there on your i___, phone, tablet, whatever. Information has never been more readily available than it is today and that’s exciting.

Think back even 3 years and if you saw someone pulling out their phone or Kindle during church someone would be hitting someone with a brick. One of my favorite blog sites wrote about it here and it’s hilarious. Using technology that way in church wasn’t even on the radar but now its common place. Apps like Bible app and others have changed the way you are able to research and get in the word. Some major churches are also changing the game with streams of sermons complete with video.  I know personally I use a Podcast app to literally download sermons from Pastors whom I respect and have knowledge vastly exceeding mine. In older days (like 10 years ago) this was impossible as you would be restricted to a publishers whims of what you were able to glean from other authorities. Now if I miss my churches sermon I can listen to it as soon as its available online.

Personally I love it and I have never learned more Bible than I have in recent years. Having on-demand access to the Word, teaching, and preaching changes lives and to ignore it would be fatal. I’m glad to see churches embracing technology my own included most recently in the Easter services and written about here and here. To miss the boat on technology and the Gospel would be so detrimental to the youth currently coming up in society as that’s where they spend their time. The church has to change its delivery, NOT THE MESSAGE, just the delivery and I’m glad that it is…so so glad.