You’re just not good enough…Seriously

by Mrsethprice

I have found opportunities quite often lately to speak to people I interact with daily about my faith. I don’t know if it’s me being more bold or them being more curious or something in-between but I welcome it. It has made me study more and try to gain knowledge. There has been one common thread/thought though in the people that I have spoke with. A misconception I think really but one that bears addressing. It usually goes something like this

Overall, I’ve been a moral person, so I should be good with eternity.

This is simply just not true. Scripture attests over and over that you frankly are not good enough…ever.

You can’t be nice enough, give to the Salvation Army enough, adopt enough underprivelaged children, work for the Red Cross for free full time, anything enough. Ever. The Pope is not good enough, your parents…not good enough.

You can’t do anything to earn your salvation aside from Christ…only he can take on your shame and justify you. It’s so simple that it’s hard to understand sometimes…like long division.

Search your heart and be blessed…please…find Christ.