Ever feel like …

by Mrsethprice

Ever feel like our great Savior beats you with the “understand” stick. I find lately that I have. I have a problem with pride and forget that it’s not me really that’s able to complete anything.

Recently I have been listening to some old sermons from a few different churches. These sermons are literally at least 1 year apart and from different parts of the Bible, but they both hit on the same overall topic. The undeniable truth that it’s not we/I that ultimately do anything, but God. Randomly I heard a message in Matthew where Jesus does all the saving, in Job where God does all the creating (and puts man in his place), and most recently on Sunday at my local church, where God enters into his covenant with us. He does/did/is doing all this by Himself and to his glory.

When I sing it’s not my voice but the voice He has given. When I write they aren’t my words but the words that He has given me. I am so thankful for both gifts.