Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s Tim Tebow

by Mrsethprice

This cycle of sports this last 12 months has been a roller coaster. Massive deals, huge contracts, underdog stories and unexpected heroes.

Now that the NFL season is over people will soon forget parts of the season but will not, more than likely, forget

Tebow and his story.

As the NBA’s season has begun there has been a new underdog story that has, for the time being, taken precedent over Tim. That mans name is Jeremy Lin.

Let’s be frank, no player has ever had a better start to their NBA career then Lin. Not MJ, Kobe, Larry…no one. That is definitely worth praise and Lin has been quick to lift up his teammates. The story is not unlike Tim’s.

He came into a team that was struggling and helped to lift their season to the playoffs. That though is where I think the similarities fall short.

It is not yet determined what the full season will show with Lin. More importantly, however is the fact that when Tim lifted his team he also did one thing that will last for longer than his lifetime will, he turned people to God. He, as he rose to stardom, broadcast his love of Christ and never turned away.

Lin is an amazing player but there really are no comparisons between the two. Athleticism and team play.. maybe, Kingdom advancement not even close.

I sure do love watching him play though…long live Linsanity!