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Month: February, 2012

The KISS method of Christianity

I hope that you are familiar with text KISS acronym for it would be a horrible assault on mankind if you weren’t. Just to fill in the gaps though it stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you stupid at all. I didn’t make the saying so it’s not my call. Some motivational speaker probably made it up, but I digress.

As Christians we get hung up on too much “stuff” these days. Stuff like Calvinism, Gifts of the Spirit, predestination, blah, blah, blah You hear things like: “Oh you’re not a 5 pointer? Not Christian!”, “Your not Baptist? I’ll pray for you.”, and the like. We add things to the top of the gospel and on top of Christ, we start making Christianity harder than it really is.

Recently we had some snow here where I live and my son had a great time in it. Later that week I was driving my son to daycare and he asked me a quick question and the whole series went like this:

Him – Dad, who makes it snow?
Me – The clouds.
Him – Nope, God does.

He set me up and I walked right into it. Punk. It’s amazing what children understand.  In this world it really is all about God (and if you ask him he’ll tell you God is Jesus and Jesus is God) and we as adults tend to pile things on top of that. We forget that it really is simple just follow and trust in Jesus. Nothing extra is required. No Calvinism, no denominational spats, no dogma what-so-ever. Just a simple and enduring faith and taking Jesus/God at his word, just an understanding that the whole Bible is about Jesus and that all answers to all questions (even about snow) should point back to Him.

When it comes to Jesus we all need to learn to keep it simple.

I have been so blessed to be given a child and oddly enough I learn so much from him and from his innocence.


Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s Tim Tebow

This cycle of sports this last 12 months has been a roller coaster. Massive deals, huge contracts, underdog stories and unexpected heroes.

Now that the NFL season is over people will soon forget parts of the season but will not, more than likely, forget

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