I’m a Chord Cutter Now What? Part 2

by Mrsethprice

Some people kiss dating goodbye, other chocolate, me..cable. Awhile back I did the unthinkable in todays culture and society; I cut the chord. Yes indeed…Comcast (for the most part) was kissed goodbye. I thought I would be remiss to go through the process and the reasoning of it and not follow-up at a later date to share how it has ultimately turned out.

The transition was a pain to be quite honest. Comcast repeatedly screwed up my bill and charged me for services that I didn’t have, boxes already surrendered and basically was unhelpful. I think it had to do with the fact that no one customer service rep could actually facilitate the subscription service. You see mine was not a complete cut..it’s still hanging by a thread. Where I live I struggle to get the locals with an OTA Antennae and as such pay a nominal fee to keep just the basic locals. This type of customer seemed to confuse ever rep I spoke to with Comcast no one knew how to turn it to that. In the end the only way that it was fixed was with a call to the offices of the CEO and his direct reports fixed the problem literally in a day.

Finally after all of that was fixed I was able to get started of my new life of streaming TV. First I bought the Roku. The box itself is great and fits most of my needs and really nails it with content for my son. Outside of that I really watch less TV overall. Three months ago, if you had asked me to do that, I would have cringed. I loved my TV and my shows and watching shows off of the DVR was a nightly thing for me. Do I miss some shows now, yes, but like any other habit after a few weeks of cold turkey you begin to not really miss it anymore.

The end result is that I find that I have more time for the things that I always wished I had more time to do. Things that people would make New Year’s resolutions about. Things like: “I’ll read the Bible more, I’ll play with my kids more, I’ll read more, I’ll get better at _____”. The end result is more than I could have ever hoped for honestly.

Spiritually I’ve grown and as a father and husband I think I’m making better steps. I find that I listen to a lot more sermons now via podcasts on the Roku and most importantly don’t really care on almost any night what’s on TV. I don’t worry if I set it to record. Don’t have to boycott Facebook or Twitter if I missed it so that it’s not spoiled. I find that it’s easier to focus on the things that actually matter. These benefits far outweigh any cost savings that I have received; which was really the motivating factor.