What Christianity is and what it is not

by Mrsethprice

Hello all! I hope you have had a great start to the new year. It’s been awhile since I posted but mostly that is due to the ruminations in my head. I’ve thought and thought and this is what has come out. It will be, possibly, abrasive; depending on how you want to take it and where you are currently in life. Still interested? Read on

I’m tired. Not physically mind you, but spiritually. You see I’m not always a great Christian and I don’t always edify Christ in the way that I live life and treat other people. I’m broken by it really and it’s pitiful but that’s alright. This thought has rattled round and round and maybe me wonder what exactly is it to be “Christian”? Here is what I’ve come up with it.

It is first and foremost not a religion. I hate when people ask me if I am religious..I am not by the way. I attend church, yes, but believe in a religion? Absolutely not. Christianity is, at it’s core, not a religion. It is instead the belief in one man and one God..the God. It is not a like the other 3 major religions of the world. It’s not founded on systematic dogma or philosophical ideals. It is not founded on rules for living or for lack of a better word…bones. When Jews, Muslims, and Budhists (the 3 other primary religions worldwide) worship they do it out of requirement. When they make pilgrimage to their founders burial sites and weep they go to actual tombs filled with actual bones. They weep that Abraham, Muhammad, and Budda are dead and gone and can no longer give them guidance. Christians instead don’t make pilgrimage to a burial site…you see..our savior is risen. Historically, prophetically, redemptively truth that is.

Christianity is not founded of the teaching of a wise man that once was. Lets face it, the world is full of wise people that teach. More than likely everyone reading this has had someone like that touch their lives. Instead Christianity is founded on excruciating pain (literally means “from the cross”) and in turn that pain endured even further into love. Think about that. What we did as a race literally was so bad that they invented a word for the way that Christ was killed. It’s about a man that said, “I see your sin and it’s killing you? You have to stop what your doing. But don’t worry…I’ll die for you”.

It’s most certainly not about Calvinism vs. Armenianism or any other dogma. It’s not about Baptist, Catholic or any church. Not about speaking in tounges or spiritual gifts.

Christianity instead is the story of hope. Not of annihilationism, or reincarnation, or separation of soul and body but of reconciliation and redemption…of RESURECTION. It’s the story of a man who’s own brothers and followers were to trepid too speak for him and his trials. His own brothers thought Him a lunatic until he was raised from the dead. It’s a faith that turns people from timid shells of humans into pillars of strength. Turns people from cowards into people ready to die to spread the Gospel.

It’s the faith of an unashamed peoples. Peoples unafraid of death. My Christ lives. Around the world Christians stand proud and happily say to their captors, “kill me, haven’t you heard? My God is alive. I’m coming right back”.

Christianity at it’s core is the story of resurrection and forgiveness of sin, of the conquer of death, and the redemption of the whole Earth and all of creation and of the empty tomb.