Frivalous Lawsuits and Precedent

by Mrsethprice

 Or….maybe you shouldn’t!

I usually write about Religion or Sports…this will be technology based and a rant at that. It’s out of my normal but something that I wanted to say…feel free to read on if you like.

There is a man by the name of Noah Kravitz who used to be employed by the website/tech blog: Phonedog. I used to love that site but I think that I can no longer partake of their news. When I began a job years ago in the cell phone industry I found the training lacking and being the kind of person that I am I had to educate myself, I like to know as much about what I’m doing as possible so as to set expectations appropriately on what I sell. Phonedog, and their online reviews of phones, hit the spot and I began to follow their site. One of my favorite writers/reviewers there was Noah. The man is quirky, honest, and knowledgeable without trying to sway anyone to any particular product.

Noah’s posts almost always garnered the highest comments from readers and as such I’m going to assume that in part they probably had a much higher read-through-rate than some of the other writers at that site. Earlier this year Noah left the company and kinda did his own thing for a while and then eventually landed at Technobuffalo, which is also a tech site that I frequent. I was happy for the addition as I already knew that I liked his writing style and was pleased to be able to easily find his opinions in the tech world.

What is sad is that he is now being sued by Phonedog for a sum of upwards of $300,000 or so for his Twitter followers that he amassed while working at Phonedog 70,000 something followers and obviously they followed him even when he left the company. He has since changed his Twitter name to something more personal but Phonedog seems to think that they own each of his Twitter followers and want him to pay them back at the tune of $2.50/follower. This is ridiculous.

This is not a company assigned and controlled account. It was started by Noah and throughout his employment he used it for both personal and business needs. This is the first case of its kind and I fully stand behind Noah as I fear what will happen to the Twitter medium as a whole if he looses. I mean if I start tweeting about finances a whole lot, amass a sum of followers, and then left Bank of America would they sue me…probably not. But you see my point. It can apply to any and all walks of life and employment.

I urge you if this type of litigation or precedent strikes a chord to reach out to the parties involved and make your opinion known.

Phonedog: can be found at and here on Twitter: @phonedog

Noah Kravitz is on Twitter @noahkravitz

Technobuffalo can be found here:

Links to the story can be found here, here and here.

*Side note*: I follow Noah Kravitz on Twitter. I think I’m worth more than $2.50 also I don’t think that I’m the property of either Phonedog or Noah Kravitz.