Celebrating Christmas as Christians

by Mrsethprice

We are approaching rapidly the annual celebration that we, as Christians, throw to announce and take joy in the truth that our Savior has come to this Earth. Born as a sinless man and paid the price for our sins.

It truly is a glorious occasion and one worth celebrating. The trees are beautiful and people, mostly, are very nice this time of year. I stayed up a bit late last night though thinking about Christmas; the thought was this: Would we treat Christ differently if this was the year of His birth?

That’s a huge thought and one that needs to be disected. The world that Jesus came into was full of war, hate-mongering, social injustice/inequality, over-taxation, and overall general beligerance. If you had read that last sentence by inself you would think that I was talking about the world that Jesus died for because it’s not much different than the world that we live in today.  I can picture a young Jesus going to our churchs and saying something like this:

What. Are. You. Doing? Why are you bickering? So what that that fellow over there doesn’t have the best clothing? Only a Traditional service for you..shame shame?

I think, personally, that if this was the year that Jesus came for the first time that we would probably treat him just as badly as we as a world treated him the first time he came. In the church today we are filled with such hate and bickering over things that really don’t matter…things that further our self-respect but not the Kingdom. Christ’s goal was to further the Kingdom and sanctify His creation at all costs, even death on a cross.

This Christmas I think we should all evaluate what we are doing to further that goal (if we are Christians anyway) and if we aren’t doing something on Christmas day to do that then we need to begin.

I hate to say it but in my heart of hearts I think we would ultimately do to Christ again what we did the first time he came…put Him to death for being radical and honest and just.

All that said…I really wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!