Church. Are we doing it right?

by Mrsethprice

Hello World,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, I know. If you enjoy what you read here then I truly am sorry and will try to be more punctual, if you don’t like it then you probably loved the “vacation”.

Anyway back to the post:

Yesterday I spoke with a good friend from college (University as they say over the pond) ,who is currently church-planting, about what Church looks like today vs what it looked like at it’s inception. I gave him my opinion on how I thought church should work and ways that it’s broken. It has me thinking though; am I the only one that has the same opinions? What’s good about the way churches are set up now? What’s bad? Where should we focus, where should we emphasize? Are we doing what Christ called us to do? Are we even truly worshipping if we aren’t?

All big questions…wanted to get the temperature of the readers.

So hit up the comments and let me know your views.

*Disclaimer* keep it bashing here. I really want to have a productive conversation.