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Month: December, 2011

Frivalous Lawsuits and Precedent

 Or….maybe you shouldn’t!

I usually write about Religion or Sports…this will be technology based and a rant at that. It’s out of my normal but something that I wanted to say…feel free to read on if you like.

There is a man by the name of Noah Kravitz who used to be employed by the website/tech blog: Phonedog. I used to love that site but I think that I can no longer partake of their news. When I began a job years ago in the cell phone industry I found Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrating Christmas as Christians

We are approaching rapidly the annual celebration that we, as Christians, throw to announce and take joy in the truth that our Savior has come to this Earth. Born as a sinless man and paid the price for our sins.

It truly is a glorious occasion and one worth celebrating. The trees are beautiful and people, mostly, are very nice this time of year. I stayed up a bit late last night though thinking about Christmas; the thought was this: Would we treat Christ differently if this was the year of His birth?

That’s a huge thought and one that needs to be disected. The world that Jesus came into was full of war, hate-mongering, social injustice/inequality, over-taxation, and overall general beligerance. If you had read that last sentence by inself you would think that I was talking about the world that Jesus died for because it’s not much different than the world that we live in today.  I can picture a young Jesus going to our churchs and saying something like this:

What. Are. You. Doing? Why are you bickering? So what that that fellow over there doesn’t have the best clothing? Only a Traditional service for you..shame shame?

I think, personally, that if this was the year that Jesus came for the first time that we would probably treat him just as badly as we as a world treated him the first time he came. In the church today we are filled with such hate and bickering over things that really don’t matter…things that further our self-respect but not the Kingdom. Christ’s goal was to further the Kingdom and sanctify His creation at all costs, even death on a cross.

This Christmas I think we should all evaluate what we are doing to further that goal (if we are Christians anyway) and if we aren’t doing something on Christmas day to do that then we need to begin.

I hate to say it but in my heart of hearts I think we would ultimately do to Christ again what we did the first time he came…put Him to death for being radical and honest and just.

All that said…I really wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

The Superbowl I Have Always Wanted

Stories broke today that NBC announced plans to let everyone stream (live) the Superbowl as well as have it broadcast live to Verizon mobile devices! This is huge!

Think back five years ago and you wouldn’t have imagined that this would be the case. Mobile and web has always been seen as an also-ran and never really been given massive thought. This is a big shift.

This is the most popular, and watched show in the United States. I hope that it goes very well and that maybe the Networks will realize that they can make money this way as well and in turn give people like myself the ability to stream every game. I’m happy to pay for it. Shoot I’ll even pay per game provided the $$ is right.

A step in the right direction for football fans!

Kids Understand We Don’t: Generosity

What is it about the innocence of children that makes the petty things that adults argue about seem insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

Here is the back story involved, it involves my son but this post is not intended to be a brag on my son but instead to brag on how children are as a whole. My son goes to a daycare and there are obviously many children there. Yesterday there was one that was without lunch. Her father had forgotten it in the rush, that we as parents know to well, to get everything together in time to get her dropped off and get himself to work. I’m not sure when it was realized that she didn’t have anything to eat but around lunch time is my understanding. They all sit and eat together as a community at our daycare and my son (without being asked) offered his food to her.

This blows my mind! Not that he would do that (well actually yes..that is it in part as he can get pretty selfish as we all can) but the fact that he saw a need and filled it. Too often in the world that we live in we act out of necessity instead of out of generosity. Let me try to put it into perspective by asking a few questions:

Do you offer to pray at church? Do you donate to the Salvation Army year-long? Do you really think about the starving children in Africa between the infomercials? Do you really give of yourself as often as Christ did?

I know I don’t and that’s sad. My wife told me that story and I thought of it all night. I truly learn so much from my son. Children have an untainted and un-jaded way of thinking and it blows my mind.

My sons frame of mind brings Luke 3:11 to mind

And he answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with them who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.”

I have never taught my son to do this yet he knows it’s what’s required and the way it should be. We as adults would be mindful to follow by our children’s example. What would the world look like (especially around the holidays and in todays economic climate) if we gave more abundantly and acted less selfishly?

Not Your Mama’s Carol’s (Music for the new age Christian)

So I get to help lead some worship at my local church and love it. Today we did some Christmas music and when we finished the first song (a variation of Joy to the World) my pastor says this:

That’s not your Mama’s version!

I love that and I don’t see that as a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong…I really like the old school originals; especially when a huge organ or choir is involved.

In that same vein I thought I’d throw together some newer versions of some old classics for your listening/viewing pleasure.

Chris Tomlin (the one we did today)

David Crowder Band: Noel

NeedtoBreathe: Go Tell it on the Mountain

Third Day: Oh Holy Night

Reliend K: Sleigh Ride

Am I missing some that are nice? Fill me in and throw it up here or a link to it in the comments.

My House is on Fire…save me for free!

I’m certain that you have heard of the Declaration of Indepenence; even if you aren’t from the States you are familiar with the concept, I’m absolutely certain. Did you know that the ancients have been mistranslated? It was really meant to say this:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and the protection from Fire to our homes.

If you just glazed through that because you thought you were familiar with it then you need to read it again. Go on… I’ll wait…[hold music here]. See what happened at the end there? Don’t remember that in grade school do you?

Yesterday I read a story detailing (for the second time) a county in Tennessee that does their Public Services a bit different. Give it a read it really is a good one, but it essentially boils down to this. If you live in this county and don’t pay for some public services per anum you don’t get the benefits from it. It has also happened about a year ago as well, that story here.

I’m a bit torn from this type of story. On one hand you have the loss of property, memories, wealth; on the other you have procastination, entitlement, cautionless culture. I truly feel moved by the family that lost their home, it is a tragedy. If I was in the same situation I would find $75/year to cover me in the event of a fire for the same reason that I have home insurance. If I was on the county board I would more than likely make it part of county property taxes…what are you looking at really, about $6.25/month?

What are you thoughts. Should we be able to receive benefits from something we don’t deserve or haven’t earned. Does a firefighter have a duty to put his life on the line for someone that doesn’t seem to think that paying him for their service (so that throughout the year they can support their families)? Would it be right to over-extend to fight a fire not in their service area while the tax paying people that bought the mulit-million dollar machinery and equipment foot the bill? What if equipment is damaged, what is a firefighter loses their life? Would normal death benefits apply or no…? Lots of questions to answer.

Perhaps a volunteer department should be raised?

Thoughts welcome!

Church. Are we doing it right?

Hello World,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, I know. If you enjoy what you read here then I truly am sorry and will try to be more punctual, if you don’t like it then you probably loved the “vacation”.

Anyway back to the post:

Yesterday I spoke with a good friend from college (University as they say over the pond) ,who is currently church-planting, about what Church looks like today vs what it looked like at it’s inception. I gave him my opinion on how I thought church should work and ways that it’s broken. It has me thinking though; am I the only one that has the same opinions? What’s good about the way churches are set up now? What’s bad? Where should we focus, where should we emphasize? Are we doing what Christ called us to do? Are we even truly worshipping if we aren’t?

All big questions…wanted to get the temperature of the readers.

So hit up the comments and let me know your views.

*Disclaimer* keep it bashing here. I really want to have a productive conversation.