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Month: November, 2011

I’m A Chord Cutter. Now What?


So it begins this coming Monday. Last night I called Comcast and cut everything except the local 4 channels and PBS just in case. I can no longer justify paying the price that I pay for television content. Come Monday I will be one of the chord cutters. Want to  hear more on how and why and what I will do to augment my media experience…well read on! Read the rest of this entry »


From my Son,


Come here…

[grabs me with his hands and says:]

At least you’re not a dinosaur!


Gotta love 2 year olds.


Yet another reason the church is still relevant, alive, and kicking!

I had the privelage of attending part of the 7 Tour over this past weekend. My amazing wife bought us both tickets and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. That concert in and of itself is the reason for this post.

Earlier this month I wrote, a post, about why the church is relevant in today’s day and age. The post was a call to arms for the youth of America to be involved in “church” more actively. While I was jamming with John Mark McMillan, Gungor, Chris August, and DC*B, as well as my wife a memory hit me. You see the concert was at Liberty University which is where I went to school and the thing was almost filled (save for the seats behind the stage) with people there ready to worship Christ. I was spoiled by attending that University as 3 times weekly that arena was filled with people actively ready to worship and I hadn’t been around that many people of faith in awhile.

By the time Crowder hit the stage the place was very loud and ready to rock. That band then led worship for an hour. Yes it was a rock concert and yes I paid to go to it. But the fact remains that at moments the sound of the crowd as a whole literally drowned out the sound of the band and you could hear the corporate voice over all the loudness singing as one body to our Lord. It was amazing; at one point David Crowder (while transitioning instruments which is always me) said:

Man there is no place better to be than in a room filled with people worshipping God…no better place to be than right here.

He was right. This is why it’s so important for the church to remain relevant. Scripture is filled with the importance of congregational worship and it’s not always at a “church”. It’s in your car, bathroom, closet, and life and it’s there at all times.

Don’t be afraid to sing/shout at the top of your lungs and drown everything out!

Sing loud and sing proud…to heck with singing on key!

Gungor: Ghosts Upon The Earth Album Review

I first heard of Michael Gungor when I was attending Liberty University and he was an unknown. He had me hooked almost instantly. When the man played guitar I was captivated (especially Doxology) and he and his band still continues to do this to me. He and his cadre of band members recently came out with a new album titled Ghosts Upon The Earth. If you don’t feel like reading any further know this..JUST GO BUY IT. It really is that good.

Most people became aware of Gungor when their last album Beautiful Things hit and that album was a smash. It is a hard act to follow but I love the way that these guys have done it! If I had to describe this album it would be…epically sweeping. It ebbs and flows through honest emotions and uplifting arrangements. It is not just the arrangement of songs that sound good but there is an actual story going on throughout each track and each is unique in the instruments that it uses (for instance flutes and other instruments you haven’t thought of since grammar school). The album is a balance of the beauty of creation as well as the back and forth between the love affair that God has with His creation and in turn our response to Him, both good and bad.

Tracks like Church Bells and Brother Moon may be the only ones that I would think might ever be played on the radio but instead more of an experiment; I love that about this album. It’s more a testament to the fact that sometimes the message of the music is more important than album CCM rankings! Others such as Wake Up Sleeper speak to the current state of the Church in society as it is now.

It’s hard to pick out “must listen!” tracks on this album because any one song (while good) doesn’t have the same weight without the album as a whole. But here they favs:

  • This is not the End: Gives hope for the life after this!
  • Crags and Clay: a beautiful story of Creation and Majesty
  • When Death Dies: speaks to the glory that we shall recieve when death dies
  • Ezekiel: an anthem as the the current state of the church (similar to this recent post!)

That said, this album is not something that you want to listen to lightly but instead lean back and remove the other distractions and just listen and enjoy. It seems to make you lose track of time and is fulfilling. Gungor has really outdone themselves and they are beginning to remind me of another band that I absolutely love; the David Crowder Band. That band also seems to reinvent and push their sound and song writing abilities with each record. I’m sure that this is a skill that will be honed even further as they are currently touring the land together on the 7 Tour.

In short YOU REALLY SHOULD Go and get this!

Gungor can be found here: