The Glory of Creation

by Mrsethprice

I live in a beautiful part of the United States (arguably one of the most beautiful) down here in Central Virginia, nestled close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This time
of year as the leaves are turning the entire ground is covered in color and sunrises and sunsets are just beautiful!

Here is a quick picture to show what I mean (I didn’t take this!):

The valley was similar to this as I was driving over it. The floor and cleared spaces where the farms are were covered in foggy patches and the tops of the trees were lit like little fires with the sun breaking over the mountain. The wind was lightly swirling the fog and mixing it with the light, giving it a golden hue with light patches of green breaking through from the farms. It was awe inspiring.

All this was happening as I was listening to the newest Gungor album and 2 tracks hit me as I drove. The first was Let There Be and second was Crags and Clay; both talk to the creation story and how God loves what He has made and that He thinks it (and us) are beautiful.

Truly amazing.