Alright Already! I Hear You

by Mrsethprice

I recently figured out how to get Podcasts onto my Android phone! Why recently, you ask? Haven’t you had one of those for years? What are you confused about? Well let me enlighten you…There. Is. No. Easy. Way. To. Do. This. LOOKING AT YOU HERE GOOGLE! Then I found a nice little app called Pocketcast and it allows me to sync podcasts from the web (maybe iTunes) and I instantly started syncing and listen to them now on my way to and from work. One of the ‘casts’ I chose was Brentwood Church in Lynchburg. I used to go to this church in college and directly after and loved it. In fact if you’re in the neighborhood of Lynchburg, VA and need one highly recommend it, try the veal.

The messages at this church are always hard, in your face, mirror reflecting, and open. They are not always nice and tidy and make you
uncomfortable. I like that! I think the church needs more of it in the culture that we live in. A church not afraid to say the word sex in service. A church that embraces all parts of the teachings of the Bible even when uncomfortable. To get a feel of what I’m talking about I’ll link to the website of the church and you can listen for yourselves if you would like. Listen online here: Online Sermons this last series they did is worth a listen!

They were in a series called Man Up and it was the last week of the series so I synced all 3 and listened to them over Columbus Day weekend. So summarize it they are about men of today in America (world at large) not being the kind of man that they should be. They are either overbearing or detached from society; this series challenges that. I personally loved the series and am currently trying to apply it to my daily living (not always successfully). But as with most things, Christian, I found myself stuck somewhere in the middle.

This morning I was thinking about the messages and how to better apply them throughout the day when I read a quote from CS Lewis that I liked that was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook.

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun…

Let me just say that I love that, it speaks to the truth that I have it in me to be the man I need to be but regardless of whether or not I am perfect God will still be lifted up and magnified. Even if I fail He will and can still use me.

To pile on to the matter I heard a song minutes after that I didn’t even know existed and it hits on being a better man and father. The lyric that stuck out to me was this:

All men are created to lead.  Your father teaches you. Real leaders follow God

I give up. I hear you Father! I’m working on it, help me grow. Help me sharpen the image that I see in the mirror. Praise God for the Father that he is and for the father that he is making you and I and the men in all of our lives.

The song if you happen to want to listen to it is called Just Like You by Lecrae and can be found on his Rehab album. Great listen!