Thoughts on Romney, Cain, Paul and the other Candidates (also-rans)

by Mrsethprice

Decided to throw together a few sentences on my thoughts on each of the currrent candidates competeing for the Republican nomination for President: Here goes…

Mitt Romney: I’m a mixed bag on Romney. He is polished, well spoken, good in debate, and a successful “businessman”; the problem I have with him is that his record as a Govenor in Massachusetts is not to hot in my opinion. My other biggest concern is that he could even beat out John McCain a few years ago and Obama rocked McCain (not liking my odds this time around).

Newt Gingrich: I like the man for some reason when he speaks. He has definate answers and doesn’t seem to easily jump around answering the question. I think his time as news contributor has made him more opinionated. Problem is I don’t think he can get elected. There is a certain part of me that doesn’t trust him…could be that he cheated his wife.

Ron Paul: Lately it seems like the student darling is waning to Cain. There is alot to like about Paul for domestic policy. I find myself aligning with him on many issues. The problem I have with Paul is that when he speaks his body language doesn’t denote confidence. I need that in my President personally. Also I’m not thrilled with his foreign policies as a whole but there are peaces that I like very much. Does anyone else think his eyebrows are a little…um…HUGE?

Dude from Utah noone cares about (Jon Huntsman): Not much else to say here. He is a former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China. In every debate the man seems to have decent ideas but not anything that stands out. The one thing that does stand out though is that he seems to be more fearful of the Chinese than I would like.

Michele Bachmann: I just can’t get behind this woman! She’s shrill and annoying in every way possible to me. I’m certain that some people love her but I just can’t see it. She’s too defensive and has a track history of opposing a lot of things but not really doing anything. If Bachman can’t get her Turner into Overdrive then she is about to bow out I think.

Herman Cain: I’m drawn to this man for some reason. Could be the way he speaks (he’s also a Pastor) but deep down I think it’s because I feel like the country really is a huge business. This man is solid there. I like that he doesn’t have a record to run against…though that’s because he has never reallly held office. That lack of experience worries me however I feel that it can be overcomed. His cabinet and advisor choices as well as VP selections will be the pivotal moment for Cain.

Rick Perry: Full disclosure here (I’m from Texas). That doesn’t however mean that I like this man. He seems solid on energy policy but can’t really bring much else to the table. Weeks and weeks of “our plan is coming soon” and “I haven’t been running for six years only 8 weeks” so I don’t need to have a plan ready yet just don’t cut it. You chose to run for office! Come to the court with your gear and ball to play or stay home. Man up Rick…show me and everyone else something.

Rick Santorum: Not even gonna bother (I believe he is still listed as “other candidate” on most debate polls). The man does a great job on the Bill Bennett morning show though; maybe he should go the way of Huckabee and jump into media.