Just How Does Steve Jobs Affect You?

by Mrsethprice

Whether or not you like technology or Apple there is little debate about the man who died last yesterday, Steve Jobs, has affected most aspects of your life. Lets look at some of the more important ones.

Click Here! ….. See what you just did. Steve Jobs made that a house-hold option for you. He didn’t invent the mouse but he brought it to the mainstream with his Lisa computer. Changing the way that we have interacted with computer systems since. (Yes I know that he stole the software ideas from Xerox, but they really didn’t seem to know what to do with it)

Speaking of mainstream. Before Steve computers took up entire rooms and consumed massive amounts of power. He (and Gates) figured out how to make it consumer friendly.

He also, through his influence, changed web standards as well as format standards. If he didn’t include floppy drives on his Macs they soon went the way of the Dodo. Same is said for USB, HTML5, and soon to be Thunderbolt.

I won’t mention iTunes, iPhone, iPod; we all know how much that has changed the world times over.

His iPad is a ubiquitous name much like Kleenex. When you go to the store to buy a tablet it’s the name you think of for association with the product.

Away from “computers” he also built the companies that have created classics we all love to watch. Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Cars, Finding Nemo…etc. Pixar is a staple in my household of late as my 2-year-old is loving Toy Story.

Ultimately he has changed the way we consume media. From purchase to play he found a way to alter the chain.

His legacy is tremendous.