The iPhone 4S…meh! A Quick Review

by Mrsethprice

Haven’t done a technology post here in awhile and couldn’t really find a better reason to write one other than Apples launch of a new iPhone.

You’re probably asking yourself, “self, doesn’t he usually do spiritual posts?”? Why yes I do! Ask my wife though and she will tell you that my guilty pleasure is technology…I love it and it drives her crazy till something breaks and I’m the one that knows how to fix it. But back to the point.

Unless you have been living under a rock or have no attachments to the consumer world (possible but not probable) you have undoubtely heard that Apple unveiled it’s newest iPhone yesterday. They call it the iPhone 4S and to call it a “new iPhone” is probably a stretch. If you have nothing better to do or you need something to lull you to sleep heres the Keynote address…YAWN!Let’s run down my quick thoughts on it.

I won’t talk about what’s new here, hardware wise, because outside of trading in the V6 engine that runs it for a V8 (dual-core) and swapping out the camera for an upgraded one there isn’t alot hardware wise that’s different. Literally if you own the iPhone 4 you can go buy one and just put the same case on it. What’s most impressive is some of the software tweaks.

iOS 5 is a decent, incremental upgrade to the status quo and provides some much needed functionality (but not enough). Some of the fun stuff you will see loaded through iTunes next Wednesday. What I was most impressed with though was what Apple has done with the company that they purchased awhile back, Siri.

Quite frankly Siri is balls-out amazing! I have an Android phone with some voice functionality but nothing like this. Siri has the ability in a few years time to be almost “movie-like”. If somehow it could be integrated into more things. The posibilities are endless. The way that it was tied into the OS was freaking impressive and makes me look forward to the competitions answer. It’s contextual cognition, logic, inference, and place recognition is out of this world.

TIMN has a nice demo of it (great tech blog by the way!)

Where the competition (which moves much faster than Apple) takes this I think is going to be great. Maybe Google does something special at the Samsung event next week…who knows!

Do I think it’s worth an upgrade from the iPhone 4? Absolutely not…your already probably close to out of warranty anyway and the best solution for you is to just jailbreak to get all the same functionality. If you are coming from no previous Apple iPhone (or the 3G/S series) though I think it is. The specs and faster everything I think warrant the coin.

Do you think it’s worth the money?