Stop topping off my coffee!

by Mrsethprice

It’s got the perfect amount of steam and the perfect sugar to coffee ratio. Everyone’s ratio is a bit different mines 2-1 but don’t judge me. Each drink hits the spot and tastes so yummers and then you see it coming out of nowhere. Your server comes by and tops off your business and ruins the whole thing. You can’t go back to the way it was. You can’t fix it because they don’t make creamers that small and you don’t want to count out individual sugar crystals to get it back to where it was. Instead you just deal with it and grit through it. Finally you get through with that glass and get a refill and start all over…guarding your creation lest it be ruined again!

That’s life though I guess, constant change. How ’bout you; do you treat life as a perfectly balanced cup or go with it?