Switchfoot – Vice Verses Album Review

by Mrsethprice

I picked this album up a few days ago (thanks Spotify!) and I’ve been quite impressed. Is it the best Switchfoot has to offer? Could they have done better? Worth the money? Let’s find out…

I’ll admit that at first this album did nothing for me except for a few songs. That was a problem for me, but I have an unwritten rule that I have to listen to an album at least 3 times before I give a decision either way. Let me just say this…this album is straight money.

I finally just cranked it and just let it play and was blown way back. The bass and drums on almost every track are just..organic. It’s like the two are in perfect harmony. The sound is visceral/organic and it pulls you into each track in a gravitational way.

Jon is an amazing songwriter,  always has been. And the album deals with everything from Earth not being our real home, vanity, and the endless cultural news cycle that we live in. He hits home runs on a few tracks like The War Inside.

This album might just be my favorite next to The Beautiful Letdown.

Best Songs in my opinion (your results may vary):

Blinding Light (Old School Switchfoot sound), The War Inside, and Where I belong.

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