Self-righteous and Judgemental

by Mrsethprice

That person is too fat! Sinner! Not Christian.

They said something I don’t approve of! Sinner! Not Christian.

They speak in tounges! Sinner! Not Christian.

Did you hear this? They did this? I can’t believe this!

They have a bad witness! Sinner! Not Christian.

_____________ [fill yours in here].

Now go read these, I will wait here: Matthew 7:15; Luke 6:37, John 8:7

Hard to argue with that. Should we habitually sin if we can help it? No. Should we use grace as a get out of sinning card (Romans 6:1-2)? No.

More importantly should we judge our brothers and sisters in Christ (that we usually hardly know, seriously name five birthdays you can’t and neither can I) and infer where we think their walk with the Lord is? Absolutely not! It’s dangerous, demeaning, divisive, and destructive.

Stop. Just stop. You don’t know me don’t judge me.

Soap-box over.