What’s Wrong with a Taunt?

by Mrsethprice

I keep reading chatter about Vick this morning and the way he taunted the fans at the game last night.

Here is the incident: he’s hurt, leaves the field, gets boo’d, points to the scoreboard as retaliation.

Where exactly is the problem in this?

That attitude is what makes him Michael Vick. Like him or not and dogs aside he is a monster in that game. I hate that he wins since I’m a Cowboys fan but he does and he must be held to account. That arrogance and bravado is what makes him the aggressive player that he is.

It’s the same mentality that makes good players great and sometimes gets them into trouble. Don’t believe me? Go look at Favre’s interception ratio, Romo’s interception ratio. Brady has the same attitude on the field as does Rivers. It’s not the way every player plays (I’m not even arguing that they should) but it’s the way some do and for them it’s the only way to play.

Don’t muzzle the testosterone!