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Month: September, 2011

Switchfoot – Vice Verses Album Review

I picked this album up a few days ago (thanks Spotify!) and I’ve been quite impressed. Is it the best Switchfoot has to offer? Could they have done better? Worth the money? Let’s find out… Read the rest of this entry »


Self-righteous and Judgemental

That person is too fat! Sinner! Not Christian.

They said something I don’t approve of! Sinner! Not Christian.

They speak in tounges! Sinner! Not Christian.

Did you hear this? They did this? I can’t believe this!

They have a bad witness! Sinner! Not Christian.

_____________ [fill yours in here].

Now go read these, I will wait here: Matthew 7:15; Luke 6:37, John 8:7

Hard to argue with that. Should we habitually sin if we can help it? No. Should we use grace as a get out of sinning card (Romans 6:1-2)? No.

More importantly should we judge our brothers and sisters in Christ (that we usually hardly know, seriously name five birthdays you can’t and neither can I) and infer where we think their walk with the Lord is? Absolutely not! It’s dangerous, demeaning, divisive, and destructive.

Stop. Just stop. You don’t know me don’t judge me.

Soap-box over.

What’s Wrong with a Taunt?

I keep reading chatter about Vick this morning and the way he taunted the fans at the game last night.

Here is the incident: he’s hurt, leaves the field, gets boo’d, points to the scoreboard as retaliation.

Where exactly is the problem in this?

That attitude is what makes him Michael Vick. Like him or not and dogs aside he is a monster in that game. I hate that he wins since I’m a Cowboys fan but he does and he must be held to account. That arrogance and bravado is what makes him the aggressive player that he is.

It’s the same mentality that makes good players great and sometimes gets them into trouble. Don’t believe me? Go look at Favre’s interception ratio, Romo’s interception ratio. Brady has the same attitude on the field as does Rivers. It’s not the way every player plays (I’m not even arguing that they should) but it’s the way some do and for them it’s the only way to play.

Don’t muzzle the testosterone!

Brunt of the Pain

I’m not a huge fan of brushing my teeth and I don’t know many people that would line up to do it. I do it because I must, because if not I will look h0rrible and will be unable to eat. I will say this: I LOVE TO EAT! My son it seems is not exception..he is not a big fan of brushing his teeth. He fights it vehemently. Last night he was fighting against me to brush his teeth and rolled off the couch and slammed his arm into the coffee table.  He jumped up screaming and holding his arm and ran to his mother. That is not the problem though, we have all been hurt and we all run to a safe place.

The problem here is he was blaming his hurt on me. “Daddy hurt me..daddy Read the rest of this entry »


I remember where I was when it happened, Evangelism with Danny Lovett. We were excused from class and all went to our dorms to realize we couldn’t call friends and family as all lines were jammed with the traffic.

Fitting that I was in evangelism class as I can’t think of a better reason to need to reach out to people than that day or it’s 10th anniversary.

Today we pray for the families broken and lost, we pray for souls that still need healing, and we pray for guidance in this Nation from our Creator.

9-11-11 survivors and victims…you are not forgotten.