Sync In Progress

by Mrsethprice

What do you think of when I say the word “sync”: go on and think about it a bit….I’ll wait.

So in church this week our small group discussed being in “sync” with God. I liked the idea and I’m gonna run with it. When I think of being in-sync I think of 2 things the first being and iPod and the second being NSYNC. Wait a minute; is he a grown man, did he just say NSYNC? Yes I did! Now I have you.

Baby bye, bye, bye…I don’t wanna play that fool, just another player in your gggaaaaammmmmeeeeee….

Whew! I pulled myself outta that one, it almost sucked me it! Anyway back to being serious. Lets run with this whole iPod thing.

First let me be honest in that I hate the iTunes system. I hate how it has you locked in to it’s system. It only plays approved songs on approved devices that were bought and sold in a sanctioned way. Man that is restrictive. It’s like you have to constantly play by the rules and if you don’t you either get left behind or counted out. It’s really a shame.

Really when you think about it syncing to iTunes isn’t really all that different from being in sync with God. Go with me here

  1. Bible = iTunes
  2. iPod = Me
If I’m not constantly syncing to new tracks my faith is gonna get stale. You have to use the legit Word of God to make sure you are always up to date on your “software” (which we will call Salvation). The longer you go without syncing the longer the next sync takes to complete and lets face it … you loose the cables every once in awhile when you go that long without talking to the Creator.
How about you? Ever lost your “Cables”?