Ocean Wide

by Mrsethprice

I am down at Myrtle Beach on vacation with my bride and my son. I love to get away from all my other responsibilities and just focus on family time and see the beach. I mean who doesn’t love the beach? If you don’t you should be stoned…and not those little pebbles. I mean stoned like a ball the size of a shotput right to the ….shin, twice. Man that was serious, I didn’t mean that, but really I did.

The ocean…ahh breathe it in. Soak in it’s glory, remember that you are swimming in fish pee. Wait, I just went there! It’s filtered by algae though so it’s probably ok.

Back to the point! When I think of the ocean I think of a few things though: power, raw vast power, constant motion, and abounding love!

Power: Think of it. The ocean is life giving, life taking, constant…raw power. It’s power really is unmatched. It makes the planet hospitable alone!

Constant motion: It never ceases. It moves at all times and in all directions. It’s like a metaphor for the Lord of Creation. Moving at all times tirelessly, endless, justly. He does not grow weary and neither does the ocean.

Abounding and endless love. No other object on Earth so perfectly manifests this in today(s) day and age. Well at least to me. You can choose your own metaphor but since I’m the one at the beach it’s fitting to me.

I’ll leave you with this awesome thought/video.

Have a great Tuesday!