Apples Harvest Strategy Rocks

by Mrsethprice

I do not have a Mac, iPhone, iPod, or anything else Apple makes, nor do I use iTunes for music. But I am falling in love with the way Apple updates/refreshes their products.

Take for example today, the close their online ordering and then come back up and you get the new stuff. They publish their newest software over the air for a price that is reasonable. You don’t have to go to the store to buy it, wait in line, or any other mundane task to make it happen. THAT IS BIG!

The other part I like of their refreshes is the fact that as soon as something is obsolete it is gone. Can’t buy it, sorry sir stock is out, get it while you can. They don’t allow older technology to linger around and in doing so change the marketplace overnight. The new Thunderbolt periphals will become the norm in a matter of months this way. You can’t walk into the Apple store and ask for last years OS and Hardware for a discounted price (Windows).

Downside of this is that they price it at a premium to get that service. I’d happily pay it if I could afford it but I can’t. I wish that all manufacturers updated products the way that they do. Technology would move so much faster.