God of This City?

by Mrsethprice

What’s your take on missions? Is it something local, or foreign, or scary, or something for someone else to do? Is it *gasp* even necessary (read Ultra-Calvinism here).  If your honest with yourself and I with myself the answer is probably something of a mix of all of the above and then some. How did we get here? Why am I writing about this…we shall see.

I have the privelage of being involved in the morning worship at my church. I play guitar there and sing occasionally and love it. To me it is worship and I get as much from doing it as I do listening to the sermon. That’s not a knock at our Pastor (he’s great and not a bad softball pitcher either). You could almost say that helping lead worship for me is my mission..though that’s probably stretching what a mission is.

When we sing we have to hit our quota. Quota? Yes of Tomlin. No church contempoary service is complete without at least 1.3 Tomlin/Passion songs per every other service. If you don’t meet this requirement you loose your CCLI privelages and possibly your salvation. Well not really…BUT REALLY!

Have you ever heard the song “God of This City”? I heard it on the way to work this morning and it really challenged me. Do I live like greater things have yet to come or still to be done? Do I let God move on His own authority or am I too scared to move? I have friends that have moved literally and are taking God’s work to the city. I urge you to find those in your community that are doing the same and to support them, if you can’t find someone support my friend!

As an my old church used to say…What would happen if did that…let God move here in this City? We could change the world!