Attics are Amazing

by Mrsethprice

Attics, my friend, are the new man’s best friend. Move over dog/cat/_____(insert here), attics are on the move and they are coming soon to a home near you? Sometimes a loft might due if you live in a townhome…Lord knows I’ve had my share of those.

I’ll get back to the point. I recently was looking for my backpack from high school/college to take on a youth trip and couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked under beds in closets and finally realized it might be in the attic. So I trudged out to the shed and got my little (too short really) ladder and hoisted myself up into the attic. My first thought was one of disgust; I mean who organized all this stuff? They should be fired! Then I realized it was me and re-hired myself and began the chore of thinking which brown box looked more promising to hold my bag.

None ended up having it but I did find all my old CD’s! I started listening to them yesterday and instantly fell back in love with bands that I had long since forgotten even existed. Decades of music lost from my memory has now been restored. Some cherished Praise and Worship from my man Robbie Seay, Circadian Rhythm, and not to mention some underground Liberty U Bands that you had to be there to understand. The emotion cup has runneth over!!

Once was lost has now been found! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

As for the bag it was found. I did what I should have done from the beginning of it all; called my wife and she immediately told me where it was at.