The Sports Theology

by Mrsethprice

I love when I get off work early. I get to go get things done before I have to pick up my son usually; yesterday was no exception. I got off of work as usual but this time instead of music I decided to flip the channel to the local ESPN Radio Affiliate (Come On Cowboys!!!).

So I just kind of listen to it in the background for a bit when Scott Van Pelt rattles off something about just not sports..but religion. He says ..

“I mean come on just because I don’t have the same religion as you doesn’t mean that I’m going to Hell.”

Wait…what…how is that about the Yankees or whatever you were just talking about (granted I wasn’t really listening until he perked my interest). Shortly after he said that they went to commercial break and then back to sports, but he got me thinking. Is that what people really think?

That sentence is so loaded. First off most alot of religions don’t have much to say about hell, some have alot to say. Some say that this life is Hell and that the next life will be a lesser hell or worser (not a word) hell than this one based on the way I live through this hell (so full of despair that would be if true).

I’m going to make an assumption that he was talking about Christians, let’s face it, they are the most popular to jab at. The Jesus/Religion/God that I know is not about sending people to Hell. It’s about loving compassion, redemption, salvation, grace, forgiveness, powerful soul-crushing humanity!

Going to Hell for refusing that is more of an consequence of choosing one action over the other. For instance I could interchange it with this: The Maybach sports car that I know and love is about going from 0-100 in 3.6 secs; it’s about speed, adrenaline, torque…soul-crushing torque. The “hell” associated with the consequence of driving that car is that I have a $4000/month insurance premium and $300/ride fuel bill.

Nice Car…

Really Scott…really?

thanks for the headling…you know who you are!