Pirating your Salvation Song

by Mrsethprice

Remember that one song? You heard it and instantly, BAAM, it was in your head. The impact that it left is felt many years after. You remember it the way you remember things as important as say..9-11, Osama going down (way to go Seals!). That happened to me and I feel so guilty about it.

The song that did it to me is a song that you have never heard of by a band that I’m sure that you have. It’s impact in my life is that it helped pushed me over the edge to realizing that I was in need of a Saviour (Olde English ehh).

The band in question is MercyMe and I finally tracked down my song, but it took forever to track down. Here is the story in quick version. I track down the email for the manager and give him the story…no response. I email the band members individually..no response. I call the agent…no response. Can you say agravated.

So I turned to today’s tools and just shoot the frontman, Bart Milard, a mention on Twitter one Sunday after church…30 minutes…baam! Answer! Song title, album, track listing, everything. Glorious day…sign me up! Where can I buy it? NOWHERE!

So I try the same channels that I used in the same order to see where I could purchase it and finally got an answer. Since it was before they made it big it was an Indie Label/Self Produced joint that is not in production any longer. Ok, that’s fine. Burn me a copy and mail it. I’ll give you cash; where do I sign? No answer from anyone…EVER!

So I do what I probably should have done to begin with. Just pirated it off of Bit Torrent and I feel guilty about it. The song means so much to my salvation story and I had to steal it because no one would sell it to me.

I may have now been demoted to having smaller wings in Heaven…I may just fly around in circles because I have one side bigger than the other and Bart will stand there shaking his head.

**fully aware that I probably won’t get wings in heaven…**