My Will Not Thine

by Mrsethprice

So I recently watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau and it’s left me in a cogitating kind of mood. This movie is seriously one of the most thought provoking movies I have seen in ages (probably since Inception). This one though I liked for a few different reasons:

  1. Matt Damon is a beast of an actor
  2. That Thompson actor was great
  3. It was blatantly theological undertones
  4. Guy gets the girl (everyone loves that!)
  5. God lives in NYC (wait..what?)
  6. It’s a better, more thoughtful version of City of Angels

Now to the movie: Damon plays a Congressman that is up for reelection and bumps into the love of his life in a bathroom. Problem is…he isn’t supposed to be with her. Well at least that’s what the “plan” says. The “plan” here is what most call destiny, fate, God’s will…choose your own verb here _____.

Here’s the thing though, the whole movie implies that if Damon chooses to fall in love that he is somehow outside of God’s plan and thus is using his free will…but he isn’t supposed to do that. That is not allowed, at least not here, in the world that the director has put together. If man is left to his free will he will just ultimately blow up stuff and cause suffering…thus we don’t deserve free will. Basically we are all “Stepford Wives”.

I just can’t get past that part. And it leaves me asking a few questions:

  1. Is my will different from God’s will
  2. Will he arbitrarily intercede if it is
  3. What would that mean
  4. Is there really only one person that is for me that is in his will?
  5. Why did he choose that building in NYC for His pad…too many doors? There are much better locations on the NW Side of town!

Which lens do you see it through? Are we acting outside of God’s will if we buck the trend or try to rebel or is everything we do always in God’s will regardless of what we do? If the last is true then why do we pray for God’s will to be done instead of ours? AHHH blast you theology!

Last but not least, this is a fantastic movie overall, go see it.