Why Weiner Should Not Resign

by Mrsethprice

I’ll try to keep this brief. While what this man did is inexcusable he should not have to resign over this. His marriage, ego, career (ultimately), and standing will take a beating but resign, nope not necessary.

These are my reasons:

  1. These instances all look consensual between all parties involved
  2. Bill Clinton did much worse. He not only did something worse but he used massive amounts of tax-payer funds to squirm out (the Democrats then came to his side in support).
  3. In reference to Clinton he actually cheatedNot digitally kinda cheated!
  4. If he really is to step down it needs to be due to an investigation by Congress or public charges that cause him to be incarcerated.

Ultimately the man should have to pay for his decisions until the next elections in 2012 and at this time his constituents (you know the people he represents in the House) should have the ultimate say.

It seems in this case though that his party only wants to back someone with an ethical problem when it is convenient.  As it stands though Weiner is taking away from the campaign they were running and they know that this will be in the forefront during the primaries.

Last note..I’m glad President Obama could find time away from his busy golf/vacation schedule to comment on the matter.